Thursday, 3 April 2014

Dream an Audi - Because it’s Not Very Far

2014 began with quite a bang for Audi, and it’s ardent lovers. The Geneva Motor Show 2014 launched the new gen Audi TT Coupe, and the company's resolve came true with this launch. Let it be the ‘Year of the Audi Dream Car’ for you as well!

With massive expansion on the horizon, Audi has it’s eyes on a bigger sportscar range. With a range of new SUVs already in the pipeline, it’s in sync with its future plans to have 60 models by the year 2020. Known the world over for it’s sporting looks portfolio, the German brand has already announced the city-sized Q1 and coupe-styled Q5 and Q7. Call it ambitious? Well, that’s Audi for you!

This is clearly good news for those wanting to own an Audi. With the range expanding, and units set to increase, the used Audi car market is set to roll. As a carmaker that offers all its owners optimum performance and classic style, you won’t be able to make out if you’re driving a brand new or a used Audi.

For those who love the brand, but can’t take that step of stretching their budgets, a used Audi car is the right deal for you. Buyers can get speed, performance and design at amazing prices. The executive sector in India is fast investing in such a deal. With reliable and trusted dealers, one can be assured of finding his dream car.

All Audi models and versions are available with the help of a networked car dealer who gauges the market really well. In addition, as a prospective buyer, look for extended warranties, check-ups and post-sale assistance. Second hand cars are equally good, or perhaps even better (as you pay less), when it comes to added features and services. Moreover, Audi cars are meant to last and hence built in a way that makes them look strikingly good for years.

Whatever model you choose from Audi’s already exhaustive range of luxury or sports cars, you’ll buy yourself an unbeatable driving experience. Depending on your preference, sporty or simply elegant, take your pick and drive your dream car home.

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