Thursday, 3 April 2014

Audaciously an Audi!

The Audi has never failed to amaze. Whether it be about plans to roll out the 4G LTE capability, Audi Connect or Singleframe Grille - it has indeed reimagined the possible!

Take the the Audi Q range for instance - they exude modern, minimalist design sense. It’s what classics are made of. The range clubs together five key aspects of the design ideology - sleekness, simplicity, accuracy, lightness and intuition. By doing so it breathes life into Audi's ‘engineered beautiful’ design philosophy to life.

Many view it as being overly bent towards male characteristics. The Audi describes it’s design as: Dynamic flowing lines define the impressive vehicle. Generously proportioned surface and a distinctive shoulder line make the side view both masculine and sporty.’ In addition, many complain that the current design of all Audi vehicles is more or less the same.

In 2011, waves of change were felt. Audi design director Stefan Sielaff had mentioned at an event that an all-new styling language was under development. It was widely seen to pump some versatility to the Audi range of cars, especially the A and Q series. This would help differentiate between sedans and sports cars. At the time, it was difficult to comprehend when these would be implemented. What was known was that these were the much needed winds of change.

And it happened in 2013. Head of Design, Wolfgang Egger announced a shift in strategy. He remarked, ‘Good design must always express a vision. We need something new without breaking from tradition.’ True to his thought process, he pioneered the ‘studio concept’ approach in car designing. Under this, designers were given the freedom to brainstorm ideas and incubate them. With success at the Munich base, it was also adopted by Audi’s main design studios in Ingolstadt.
But for Audi, it’s also been about what it’s owners think and believe. Would they want styles to differ in each and every model? Or theme-wise, with gradual changes yet nothing revolutionary? How will the proud owners of an Audi react to any changes in style and design?
Change or no change, the end result is always undoubtedly an Audi that awes you!

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